Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Adoring Engagement Session

I cannot wait for Nic and Nichole's wedding this fall. They are so much fun to be around. Not to mention, these adorable kids (saying that makes me feel unbelievably old...) were friends first and fell into love over the years. I can't imagine a more beautiful love story. Plus, they will always have that friendship at the base of their relationship. Perfection....

They met in high school so we took a trip to their alma mater for a few fun photos in front of the T-bird.   
We then went over to Rock Ledge ranch for the rest of their photos.
Their favorite sodas are Root Beer and Dr. Pepper so I could't resist making up some cute vintage labels. And check out the size of that diamond! Yeah, it's real. :-)
Nic has a wonderful appreciation for photography and has some pretty cool cameras - TLR in photo below. He even let me play with his "toy" camera. No chance of those photos coming out, sorry Nic!
Although it was a chilly day, we ended up with some pretty cute shots. 
You can see how much Nic truly adores his future wife as he brushes the hair from her face.

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