Monday, May 13, 2013

Colorado's Out of the Way and Lesser-known Venues

I touched on locations a couple months ago, but we have recently been trying to help one of our clients find the perfect location, but it seems that most of the more popular locations are booked up on their date. So, we have been compiling a list of some of the lesser known venues in the state.

Many of these venues are less expensive or have better availability than the more popular venues you will see in all of the Colorado wedding magazines.

Sourdough Valley Ranch - Woodland Park, CO (left)
Although the website is currently malfunctioning, the location is beautiful, there is a lot of property, and it offers many different areas to fit whatever style you are looking for.

Green Mountain Falls Gazebo
A little bit closer than Woodland Park, is the cute little town of Green Mountain Falls. They have an adorable little gazebo next to the lake which can be rented out for your wedding. Just keep in mind that it can snow earlier in the year up there than in the Springs.

Lodge at Cathedral Pines - Black Forest, CO (right)
This is a beautiful, and small, venue with fantastic rates. 

Venue 515 and 7 Minute Spring in Manitou Springs, CO
Inexpensive, urban, outdoorsy, and a reception venue which allows you to make it your own. These two go hand in hand so well together. Plus, the downtown Maniotu area is just up the street to add some unique backgrounds to your wedding photos.

The Penrose House at Turkey Creek (left)
A pretty little venue owned by Fort Carson, but they allow civilians to rent this property, too.

Black Canyon Inn - Estes Park, CO
This is a relatively well known venue in Estes Park, but I think it deserves a mention since it is often upstaged by the Stanley Hotel.

The Lodge at Elk Valley - Divide, CO (right)
This beautiful property is great for outdoor weddings in the summer. The main house is a little too small for an indoor wedding, but it provides a great place to get ready and hideout before the ceremony. You can always set up a big white party tent in the field.

Meadow Creek Bed & breakfast - Pine, CO (left)
A beautiful little venue hidden up in Pine, they have a small indoor pavilion for the reception and a gorgeous field in the back.

Getaways from the Girl Scouts of Colorado
The girl scouts have some beautiful properties all over the state which can be rented for all kinds of events. You may have difficulty getting rentals in the middle of summer since they are used for girl scout camps, but once the kiddos go back to school, the availability should open up.

Colorado Springs Parks & Rec Weddings (GotG right)
Want a nice local, low-scale wedding? Most of Colorado Springs Public Parks can be used for weddings. But, keep in mind, since many cannot be "reserved," you may have to fight other parties, picnics, or random people crashing your wedding. There are a few that can be reserved, like the Garden of the Gods wedding pavilion, and the Mother's Chapel. 

Please, if you have any other ideas for lesser know venues, please post them in the comments below to help out other brides or people looking event venues.


Duval Digital specializes in outdoor weddings. We are based out of Colorado Springs, CO and travel all over the state and country. We have photographed weddings at most of the locations in this article in case you need tips on set up.

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