Monday, May 20, 2013

Milestone Portraits

newborn twin boys
Milestone Portraits are an important part of your child's younger years. When they are a baby, we typically recommend doing those portraits every 3 months starting with the newborn photos and keeping up with them through 1 year. We also recommend trying to do monthly photos - they can be simple snapshots at home or you can do a mini sitting with us. If you are looking for mini sessions, just contact us and we can let you know what we have coming up or we can arrange one for you.
3 year little girl photosAfter the first year, 18 months (approximately) is a great milestone session and can usually be done with a fun outdoor summer session or around the holidays, spending on your child's birthdate. After the 18 month session, we recommend updating your child's portraits every year. If your child was born in the winter months and you want a spring or summery session, you can always do it on every half year, like 2 and a half, 3 and a half, etc. You will still be documenting the changes they are going through.

Once your child enters the school years, you will be blessed with school photo day, a day which many parents dread, and of course one in which they feel the need to shell out large amounts of money for portraits they won't see until it's too late. You can send your child to school with their hair fixed up, their clothes looking great, and inevitably photos will be after recess or lunch. So, instead of leaving those precious milestone photos to a cattle driver, have them taken by a professional.

Milestone Portraits can also be a great time to get shots of siblings together and family portraits. 

Pick a location based on your outfit choices and your child's personality. You don't want to choose a playground if you want pictures of your child smiling at the camera. They tend to get a bit distracted. We have a huge selection of props from chairs to hats and hair accessories that we are happy to bring to your session. And we are always happy to make suggestions for new and exciting locations.


Photos and Article by Jennifer Duval
Jennifer Duval is the owner and primary photographer at Duval Digital and specializes in wedding and portrait photography. She would love to photograph your family and especially your children. She has a lot of patience for getting that one great shot of your child, no matter how long it takes.
Duval Digital is based out of Colorado Springs, CO and travel all over the state and country. 

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